BJJ Pant

BJJ Pant

Train with our pants made in the purest Arte Suave tradition.

Our pants from BJJ are cotton for more resistance or Ripstop for lightness.

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Which pants from BJJ to complement my equipment?

You do not know which BJJ pants to choose, how to know your size, which material to choose, we tell you all about how to make the best choice to complete your Jiu Jitsu kimono.

The practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu requires compulsory equipment, the kimono, consisting of a jacket and pants which sometimes needs to be renewed due to faster wear due to abrasion of the tatami mats.

Our BJJ pants can be in rip stop for more lightness or in cotton for more robustness, they have 4 buckles on the front, a flat and crossed lace to adapt the size to your morphology as well as reinforcements at the knees to increase its lifespan.

For men our sizes go from A0 to A5 and for women the scoring system goes from F0 to F5, whether you are a man or a woman, the choice is made according to your height and your weight.

For more information refer to our size chart.