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Luta Livre

Luta Livre

The Luta Livre Esportiva is a Brazilian Wrestling also called Submission Wrestling.

The equipment of the Lutadores consists of pants of luta livre for certain traditional academies but more generally it is practiced with a fightshort and a rashguard to bring more mobilities during the fights on the ground and phases of fight.

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What is the Luta Livre?

It is a Brazilian martial art, this discipline was born in Rio de Janeio at the beginning of the 20th century, it was taught and developed by Mestre Euclydes Hatem "Tatu" and the Brunocilla family.

This Brazilian wrestling is also called Catch Wrestling or Submission Wrestling, it is a gripping sport which consists in submitting your opponent by bringing the fight to the ground to use techniques of strangulation, articular key or muscular compression.