Rashguard fighting man - Moleke for Grappling
  • Rashguard fighting man - Moleke for Grappling
  • Rashguard fighting man - Moleke for combat sport
  • Rashguard fighting man - Moleke for martial arts
  • Rashguard fighting man - Moleke Boa
  • Rashguard fighting man - Moleke for Sport

Rashguard fighting man - Moleke


A combat rashguard for men that is inspired by Brazilian urban culture and more particularly Brazilian Favelas and Graffiti called "pixação", a graffiti style born in São Paulo that is unique because of its alphabet and because they are painted on the highest and inaccessible points of buildings.

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Rashguard for combat men from the Moleke collection

Compression tshirt inspired by the Pixadores in Brazil

The Moleke collection which is inspired by the Pixadores in Brazil, takes its name from Brazilian slang, the origin of this name Moleque is more distant, it comes from the Bantu language and refers to a kid but today it is more pejorative and attributed to a malicious, mischievous or disobedient person.

A short-sleeved rashguard made with a polyester / spandex blend, a compressive material that has several advantages for the practice of combat sports, it adapts perfectly to your morphology without limiting your movements to easily switch from a phase of wrestling to combat on the ground, it will help you regulate your body temperature in addition to having insulating properties and it contributes to reduce muscle fatigue thus facilitating blood circulation for better oxygenation of your muscles.
This combat lycra is ideal for your training because made to preserve the skin during combat on the ground, it will help you to surpass yourself to be the best in each of your sporting activities.

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Data sheet

Compression T-shirts
Product designed for
The Nogi also called Grappling, it's BJJ without kimono
Maintenance conditions (to maintain the condition of this product)
Maximum 30 ° and no contact with scratches at the risk of damaging the mesh
Composed of a fabric
Elastane (Spandex), a synthetic fiber appreciated for its elasticity
Design made in
Sublimation, a printing technique that will not tarnish during washing
Autumn / winter

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