Rashguard man Salve Capoeira for Grappling
  • Rashguard man Salve Capoeira for Grappling
  • Rashguard man Salve Capoeira for combat sport
  • Rashguard man Salve Capoeira for martial arts
  • Rashguard man Salve Capoeira Boa

Rashguard man Salve Capoeira


Salve Capoeira, equip yourself without further delay with our combat rashguard inspired by this Afro-Brazilian martial art, a model which takes its name from an expression often used by many Capoeirists and which can be translated as long life. Capoeira.

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Capoeira Men's Rashguard

The Salve Capoeira model is a compression T-Shirt inspired by this Afro Brazilian Martial Art

A long-sleeved rashguard made with a blend of polyester / spandex, a compressive material that has several advantages for the practice of combat sports, it adapts perfectly to your morphology without limiting your movements in the Roda and during your acrobatics, it gives you will help regulate your body temperature in addition to having insulating properties and it helps reduce muscle fatigue by facilitating blood circulation for better oxygenation of your muscles.
This combat lycra is ideal for is suitable for needs of Grapplers and Lutadores who wish to adopt a “Brazil” look on the Tatamis.

Product Details

Data sheet

Compression T-shirts
Product designed for
Capoeira, an Afro Brazilian martial art that combines wrestling and dancing
Maintenance conditions (to maintain the condition of this product)
Maximum 30 ° and no contact with scratches at the risk of damaging the mesh
Composed of a fabric
Elastane (Spandex), a synthetic fiber appreciated for its elasticity
Design made in
Sublimation, a printing technique that will not tarnish during washing
Any season

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