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Judo kimono for adults - Sentoki White
  • Judo kimono for adults - Sentoki White
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  • Judo kimono for adults - Sentoki Boa Fightwear White

Judo kimono for adults - Sentoki

JUDO-GI-003 FIT-150

The judo kimono for adults - Sentoki 3.0 from Bōa Fightwear, designed for amateurs and competitors of this martial art.

With its modern and fitted cut, this Judogi offers both style and functionality.

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Judo kimono for adults

A light and pleasant to wear JudoGi

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This men's judo kimono features a fitted jacket that reduces grab opportunities for your opponent. You will thus have the feeling of wearing a tailor-made Judogi, allowing you to fully express your technique.

The Sentoki 3.0 model is light and pleasant to wear, offering optimal freedom of movement during your training or competitions. Its design guarantees exceptional durability, allowing you to enjoy your favorite judo kimono for a long time.

Whether you are a passionate practitioner or a seasoned competitor, this judo kimono is the ideal ally to achieve your goals. Its elegant design and impeccable finishes add a touch of style to your performance on the tatami.

Don't let the opportunity pass you by! Opt for the adult judo kimono - Sentoki 3.0 from Bōa Fightwear and discover the difference that a quality Judogi can make in your judo practice.

Product Details
JUDO-GI-003 FIT-150

Data sheet

Judo Kimonos
Product designed for
Judo, a Japanese martial art that has become an Olympic discipline
Maintenance conditions (to maintain the condition of this product)
Maximum 30 ° and no dryer, this avoids shrinking
Composed of a fabric
100% cotton, a natural fiber with absorbent and insulating properties
Jacket made in
(450Gr), a more robust grammage for washing and wear
Design made in
Patch, for a sober and retro look
Any season

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