Givenchy Judo Club Rashguard
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Givenchy Judo Club Rashguard

Rashguard Judo Club Givenchy

Givenchy Judo Club short-sleeved rashguard In Gohelle, a lycra made of polyester/spandex, a compressive and stretchy material that has several advantages for the practice of combat sports, it adapts perfectly to the morphology without limiting movements to allow easy switching from a Wrestling phase to Grappling while preserving the skin from burns during ground fights.

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A Grappling Rashguard for the Judo Club Givenchy

A Judo club located in Givenchy En Gohelle



It was originally a Judo club, Nage Waza & Ne Waza

The Judo Club Givenchy En Gohelle continues to evolve by now offering BJJ and NoGi lessons in collaboration with Patrice Delaby's ASC59.

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Rashguard Judo Club Givenchy

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