Luta Livre Pants Total Fighting Academy
  • Luta Livre Pants Total Fighting Academy

Luta Livre Pants Total Fighting Academy

Pantalon de Luta Livre Total Fighting Academy

Unleash your inner fighter and dominate any challenge that comes your way.

Whether you're a budding MMA champion, a self-defense enthusiast, or just want to get in shape while learning self-discipline, the Total Fighting Academy is here to support you every step of the way.

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Ultimate training companion for your martial arts adventures

Prepare to unleash your true potential and conquer your opponents with unparalleled style and comfort.



Are you tired of endlessly searching for the perfect workout program that matches your level, age and gender? Do not search anymore ! Our classes are open to everyone, so that no one is excluded from the exciting world of combat sports. Whether you are a seasoned black belt or new to the world of jiujitsu, our Total Fighting Academy welcomes you with open arms.

Our registration fees include access to all classes in all disciplines ! From Brazilian jiu-jitsu to Muay Thai to boxing to MMA, your journey to mastery begins here. There are no more limitations or extra fees for exploring different styles and techniques - everything is included in one package, making it the best value for your hard-earned money.

Forget interruptions and setbacks during school holidays, because at Total Fighting Academy, the learning never stops! We are committed to providing a continuous learning experience, dedicated to helping you achieve your goals throughout the year. No more wasting valuable time searching for alternative training options when you should be sharpening your skills. We keep going even when others take a break.

But we don't stop at the training itself. We understand the importance of recognition and progress in your martial arts journey. This is why we include grades in our program. From white belt to black belt and beyond, we believe in celebrating every milestone you reach. This is not just a pat on the back, but a testament to your hard work and dedication. With us, you will never feel like you go unnoticed or overlooked.

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Pantalon de Luta Livre Total Fighting Academy

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