Grappling Team Irmao BJJ Crew Outfit
  • Grappling Team Irmao BJJ Crew Outfit
  • Grappling Team Irmao BJJ Crew Outfit

Grappling Team Irmao BJJ Crew Outfit

Tenue de Grappling Team Irmao JJB Crew

Introducing the Team Irmao JJB Crew grappling outfit from Bōa Fightwear - the ultimate gear for all Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts!

Designed in collaboration with the famous Irmão JJB Crew, this outfit will be a game changer and will elevate your performance to new heights.

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Get your hands on Bōa’s Team Irmao BJJ Crew Grappling Outfit

Are you ready to be part of the Irmao BJJ Crew legacy?



For over two decades, Irmão BJJ Crew has been making waves in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu scene and now they are teaming up with fala to create something truly exceptional. This uniform is no ordinary grappling gear - it's a representation of passion, dedication and unmatched technical expertise.

Stand out from the crowd with the unique club design that screams domination. Let your opponents know you mean business when you step onto the mat in style. With the Team Irmao BJJ Crew grappling outfit, you're not just wearing a piece of fabric, you're wearing a statement.

We didn't just rely on the reputation of Irmao BJJ Crew to create this masterpiece. Head coach Beto Ramos, a third-degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, went to great lengths to infuse his technical knowledge and expertise into every thread of this kimono. The result ? An unrivaled combination of functionality, comfort and style.

But we didn't stop there. Nicolas Choulant, brown belt and head coach of the Irmão BJJ team, was involved in the design process at every stage. His expertise and attention to detail has allowed this uniform to not only look great, but also perform well, no matter how intense your training session.

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Tenue de Grappling Team Irmao JJB Crew

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