BJJ Team Meta Jiu-Jitsu Outfit
  • BJJ Team Meta Jiu-Jitsu Outfit
  • BJJ Team Meta Jiu-Jitsu Outfit

BJJ Team Meta Jiu-Jitsu Outfit

Kimono de JJB Meta Jiu-Jitsu

Here is the Meta Jiu Jitsu outfit from Bōa Fightwear, an elegant and powerful kimono designed in collaboration with the martial arts club.

Take it to the next level and unleash the warrior in you with this exceptional outfit.

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The JJB kimono which embodies the spirit of the club

It meets the needs of Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts, martial arts aficionados



Meta Jiu Jitsu is a club shaped by the burning passion for competition and the deep study of Jiu Jitsu. Our club was designed with the bold vision of spreading the very essence of this martial art through French-speaking platforms.

During the tumults of the pandemic, the innovative idea of Meta Jiu Jitsu took root. Our mission is clear: to provide quality content, ranging from informative tutorials to in-depth combat analyzes to vlogs. This is how we have charted our path to becoming a reference in the dissemination of knowledge and skills in Jiu Jitsu, creating a dedicated and inspired community.

In 2022, our commitment to continuous improvement has reached new heights with the opening of our physical academy. Meta Jiu Jitsu has erected a space where the structured and analytical vision of Jiu Jitsu comes to life. Our goal is clear: to transcend the boundaries of practice by offering a unique experience to enthusiasts, whether they are recreational practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding or competitors hungry for success.

At Meta Jiu Jitsu, we believe in the power of reflection and constant improvement. We are much more than just a club; we are a community of individuals committed to pushing boundaries, honing their skills, and growing together.

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Kimono de JJB Meta Jiu-Jitsu

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