Grappling and BJJ Team ACAMA Outfit
  • Grappling and BJJ Team ACAMA Outfit
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Grappling and BJJ Team ACAMA Outfit

Rashguard de Grappling ACAMA

Here is the ACAMA Rashguard by Bōa Fightwear, designed to represent the prestigious ACAMA judo club, this rashguard embodies the spirit of dedication and passion that drives its members.

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The ACAMA grappling rashguard is designed to perform

It meets the needs of Grappling enthusiasts and martial arts aficionados



The ACAMA judo club, founded by the esteemed Gérard GUILBAUT, is renowned for its excellence in judo. Now, with its expansion into the Ne-Waza and BJJ classes, it has teamed up with Bōa Fightwear to create a symbol of this exciting diversification. Led by Clément Guilbaut 2nd Dan black belt in judo, DEJEPS teacher and BJJ blue belt, these Ne-Waza and BJJ classes offer a whole new dimension of training and technique.

The ACAMA Rashguard proudly displays ACAMA's heritage and commitment to pushing boundaries. With its striking design, featuring the ACAMA logo on the chest, this rashguard is a statement of your dedication to the art of grappling. And let's not forget the driving forces behind this exciting adventure: Fabrice Carton and Patrice Delaby of ASC59. Thanks to their unwavering support, ACAMA has been able to rise to new heights, bringing together communities from different cities and uniting them around the love of grappling, martial arts and the thrilling world of No-gi.

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Rashguard de Grappling ACAMA

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