MMA Team Karate Haubourdin outfit
  • MMA Team Karate Haubourdin outfit
  • MMA Team Karate Haubourdin outfit

MMA Team Karate Haubourdin outfit

Tenue de MMA Karaté Haubourdin

Introducing the MMA Karate Haubourdin outfit from Bōa Fightwear, a stylish and powerful ensemble designed in collaboration with the martial arts club.

Get ready to take it to the next level and unleash the warrior within you thanks to this exceptional outfit.

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The MMA Karate Haubourdin outfit embodies the spirit of the club

Leave no room for compromise by embracing passion and dedication



Enter a legacy of excellence by diving into the captivating world of kempo, guided by the visionary François Houdart, a true master of his art and prestigious 6th dan belt. This extraordinary club, founded in 2002, has become a major force in the competitive martial arts scene, offering training in various disciplines such as light contact, semi-contact, full contact, MMA, Kmix and BJJ .

The club stands proudly on the national podium, with a remarkable number of 8 French champions who have left their opponents waiting. The club does not stop there, it has proudly provided 4-5 fighters to the French Kempo team, holding the esteemed title of world champions in their hand. Over the past two years, fighters have showcased their skills at major amateur MMA events in France, a vibrant legacy of triumph and resilience is woven into the fabric of this team.

Calling all fans of BJJ, martial arts, grappling and No-gi - this outfit was specially designed for you. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your adventure in the world of martial arts, the MMA Karate Haubourdin outfit will ignite your passion and elevate your performance to astonishing levels. Embrace the power and grace of this incredible set and enter the realm of greatness.

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Tenue de MMA Karaté Haubourdin

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