Leggings Jiu-Jitsu for Women - Jogo no Chão
  • Leggings Jiu-Jitsu for Women - Jogo no Chão
  • Leggings Jiu-Jitsu for Women - Jogo no Chão
  • Leggings Jiu-Jitsu for Women - Jogo no Chão
  • Leggings Jiu-Jitsu for Women - Jogo no Chão

Leggings Jiu-Jitsu for Women - Jogo no Chão


Here are the women's jiu-jitsu leggings from the "jogo no Chão" collection designed by Bōa Fightwear.

Are you ready to take it to the next level and show your passion for Brazilian jiu-jitsu ? Look no further than these elegant and rewarding leggings specially created for the practice of Arte Suave.

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Join the ranks of elite warriors who choose Bōa Fightwear

Specially designed for fans of BJJ, martial arts, grappling and No-gi

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We believe the outfit you choose represents how you train, so why not proudly display your dedication to this incredible martial art? With the Jogo no Chão leggings, you can train, fight and progress with complete confidence, knowing that you are not wearing ordinary leggings, but a symbol of your commitment to this sport.

With the Powerful quote "O Tempo no tatame irá ultrapassar talento", which translates to "Time on the tatami will exceed talent", this leggings is a constant reminder of the dedication and perseverance required to excel in Jiu-Jitsu. Every time you put them on, they remind you that you have to give your all and have confidence in the process.

Our Jogo no chão Jiu Jitsu leggings are specially designed for practicing combat sports. Made from a high-quality polyester and spandex blend, these leggings offer the perfect balance of compression and stretch. Not only does it adapt perfectly to your body, but it also allows you to move freely, making it easier to move from a wrestling phase to a ground fight.

In addition to their qualities in terms of performance, these leggings also prioritize your comfort and safety. The compressive nature of the fabric provides support to your muscles, reducing the risk of injury. Plus, the fabric effectively protects your skin from burns and abrasions, allowing you to focus solely on your technique and strategy.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the game Jiu-Jitsu, these leggings are essential. Not only will it boost your confidence and performance, but it is also a bold fashion statement. With the iconic Jogo no Chão logo proudly displayed, you will instantly be recognized as a true martial artist.

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Data sheet

Product designed for
The Nogi also called Grappling, it's BJJ without kimono
Maintenance conditions (to maintain the condition of this product)
Maximum 30 ° and no contact with scratches at the risk of damaging the mesh
Composed of a fabric
Elastane (Spandex), a synthetic fiber appreciated for its elasticity
Design made in
Sublimation, a printing technique that will not tarnish during washing
Any season

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