Judo Kimono

Judo Kimono

Train with our JudoGis designed for beginners and experienced Judokas.

The practice of this Japanese martial art requires a Judo kimono that must meet IJF standards to be worn in competitions and training.

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How to choose your judo kimono?

You want to know how to choose your size, what are the different weights available, the difference between a JudoGi and a NeWaza kimono, we tell you everything about our collection to make the best choice in your Judo equipment.

The practice of this Japanese martial art created by Jigoro Kano requires a Judo kimono also called JudoGi, it must meet IJF (International Judo Federation) standards to be able to be worn in competitions as in training.

All of our kimonos are regulatory, 100% cotton with a rice grain weave and the jackets offered are either in 750g / m2 for adults or in 450g / m2 for children.

In our collection, there are 2 models with the classic JudoGi designed for Judo competitions and a Ne-Waza kimono made to adapt to all the ground work practiced by Judokas and JuJitsukas.

Regarding our sizes, it starts from 100cm (1m) for children to go up to 200cm (2m) for adults, the choice of size is therefore made according to your height.

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