Personalize your equipment with a unique and tailor-made design.

To equip your club with outfits bearing the effigy of the academy, we provide our know-how to design unique pieces for several sports disciplines such as BJJ / NoGi, Capoeira, wrestling, Cross Training or MMA, etc.

Customizable sportswear

If you want custom sports equipment to dress your club and your students, for that nothing more simple, just click on contact below to tell us about your future project and get additional information such as quote, a model of the examples of our creations ...

Our services


NoGi / MMA

Fightshorts and compression garments fully sublimated for an inalterable lifespan of designs, an unlimited design of logos and colors

Jiu-Jitsu Brésilien BŌA

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

BJJ Gis for men, women and children available in 450Gr or 550Gr with the choice of cotton or ripstop pants. A fully customizable kimono that can be patched and / or embroidered.

Judo BŌA


JudoGis for adults and children fully embroidered, the jacket is designed in rice grain 350gr or 750gr and the pants are 100% cotton for an extended lifespan.

Capoeira BŌA


Abadas available in different cuts for adults and children, pants available in polyamide or polyester in different colors.

Fitness & Training BŌA

Fitness & Training

Sportswear for men and women designed for your workouts, our catalog includes leggings, training shorts, bras, tank tops ...

Surf BŌA


Boardshorts and lycras fully sublimated for an inalterable lifespan of designs facing sea salt and UV rays.

What you need to know about designing with BŌA

Création de logos et design


Free model
Subject to having accepted our conditions of sale and that your choice of equipment supplier relates to our company



Quantities required for the same product of the same design regardless of the size (adult or child) for equipment and sportswear, for streetwear the minimum quantities may be greater

Fabrication et livraison


30 days of preparations and 10 working days of delivery
Deadlines which may vary in the event of force majeure

Prix dégressifs


Our prices are flexible according to the volumes ordered, for more information on our prices, we can be reached via the contact tab

conception BŌA

The stages of your personalization

Valider le devis de conception

I validate the quote

Validation des logos

I send my vector logo and my ideas

Je valide les maquettes

I validate the models

Je valide les BAT

I receive and validate the proof to draw (BAT)

livrer mes produits

I have my products delivered

Our catalog

We put at your disposal all of our products to help you design your own collection with different categories of 100% customizable clothing, to find out more you can download our catalog and get in touch with us to obtain our sliding price scale.


Bōa now equips your club with customizable Tatami mats, different sizes, colors and training surfaces are available at design to allow you to practice safely, according to the rules and standards in force.