Rashguard for men NoGi Jiu-Jitsu - Ipiranga
  • Rashguard for men NoGi Jiu-Jitsu - Ipiranga
  • Rashguard for men NoGi Jiu-Jitsu - Ipiranga for Grappling
  • Rashguard for men NoGi Jiu-Jitsu - Ipiranga Boa
  • Rashguard for men NoGi Jiu-Jitsu - Ipiranga Boa Fightwear

Rashguard for men NoGi Jiu-Jitsu - Ipiranga


The Jiu-Jitsu Ipiranga Rashguard will transform your training into performance, it takes its name from a stream in the city of São Paulo, on the banks of which the independence of Brazil was proclaimed, the word Ipiranga comes from a Tupi-Guarani language, the word Ipiranga is formed from y (river) and piranga (red).

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Surpass yourself with the Ipiranga Men's Jiu-Jitsu Rashguard

A compression T-shirt in homage to Brazilian culture



If you are looking for the perfect piece to go with your Ipirange JiuJitsu Kimono, look no further, our Ipiranga men's rashguard is the complementary equipment you need to complete your BJJ outfit.

Made from a blend of polyester and spandex, a compressive and stretchy fabric, it will not limit your movements or ride up during your ground fighting phases.

In addition, it is Featuring a snug fit that won't get in the way and protect you from burns to give you premium protection and comfort throughout your NoGi Grappling fights when you drop the jacket.

A uniquely designed men's rahguard that will help you perform at your best! So ready to surpass yourself in training?

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Data sheet

Compression T-shirts
Product designed for
The Nogi also called Grappling, it's BJJ without kimono
Maintenance conditions (to maintain the condition of this product)
Maximum 30 ° and no contact with scratches at the risk of damaging the mesh
Composed of a fabric
Elastane (Spandex), a synthetic fiber appreciated for its elasticity
Design made in
Sublimation, a printing technique that will not tarnish during washing
Spring / summer

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